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Faith B., 8th Grade
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I finished two books overbreak, I loved one of them and was sad to finish the series but the other I didn’t really care for. United We Spy was definitely my favorite book I read over break. Its the last book in a series of six. I really enjoyed them and plowed through the series in the course of a week. The books are about a girl named Cammie who goes to an all girls school for spies. She finds herself on more missions than the average spy gets to go on in their life, and she hasn’t even finished high school yet! I know it probably sounds lame but they were actually very interesting and once I picked one up I could not stop!

The second book I read was called Invisible. This book was hard to follow at times because it switches to different main characters without telling the reader. The other confusing part was the plot itself. The book is about an invisible boy who was cursed when he was born and no one can see him… or so he thinks. He ends up meeting a girl who can see him and they go on a quest to try and reverse the curse but some speed bumps come up along the way. I honestly didn’t really care for this book because it was weird trying to wrap my mind around this invisible person who was just invisible from the start and to try to think of him as normal in our world when some of the characters just shrug it off as being normal.

This might sound weird but in the winter my favorite place to read is my parents bedroom. It is literally the only quiet place in the house. There are a lot of windows in their room and when I read I love to stop for a moment and watch the snowfall. It makes me feel cozier when I know its cold outside and the room I’m in is so warm. During the summer I like to read in a lawn chair outside in the sun. I guess I just overall like to be warm when I read.


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  1. Faith, Thanks for your reviews. I love the idea of a high school for spies!


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