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Brotherhood by A.B. Westrick


Book Review by Boatemaa, Grade 7

It’s 1867 and the Civil War has just ended.  Segregation is still at its prime, and in Richmond, Virginia, things aren’t as they once were.  Fourteen year old Shadrach Weaver, and his older brother Jerimiah have lost their father in the Civil War.  They lead poor lives, and Shad, his mother and his grandfather work as tailors.  One night, Shad follows Jerimiah as he sneaks out of their bedroom window.  He follows him down to Cold Harbor, and finds himself surrounded by boys and men in white sheets and masks.  Soon he is initiated into The Brotherhood.  The next day, Shad meets Rachel, a colored woman about his age who can read very well.  He begins taking reading lessons from her in a shack with other Negro children in exchange for tailoring lessons.  When The Brotherhood commits an unspeakable act, Shad finds out what The Brotherhood is really about.

Read this book about life in the south following the Civil War.


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  1. Boatemaa – Thank you for this review. This looks like a book I will put on my list. I have been reading about the Civil War and reconstruction so this will add to my knowledge.


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