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Among the Hidden

by:Margaret Peterson

book review by: Emilee H., 6th grade

Among the hidden is about a boy named Luke, who is a third child which apparently are illegal. So all of Luke’s life he has been hiding from the population police.When Luke’s mother leaves the house she has to make sure all of the windows and doors are locked and shut,and that all of the lights are off. Luke always wondered what more there was in the world other than in his house.When Luke figures out that everyone in the neighborhood is gone…he notices a shadowy figure in the window, of the across the street neighbor.

I really LOVED this book, WHY I LOVED THIS BOOK..? because it has a Lot of mystery,action, and suspense!!!

I recommend this book to people who like suspension, and characters that you can really visualize, coming to life!!!



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  1. Emilee – This was a persuasive review. I do like suspense so will put this book on my list to read. Thanks!


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