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Insignia — Vortex — Catalyst

The first two books Insignia and Vortex were so popular in my classroom I had to purchase multiple copies of each of them.  The boys would tear through them — read them faster than any other books that I had in my room.  Vortex was published last year and I remember a young man crumpling to the floor as I told him the third one was not out yet, and I didn’t even now when it would be.  “Why do you do this to me?” he asked.  “You shouldn’t even put books on the shelf until the whole series is published.”  

Here are two reviews from past students about the first book:


Insignia Review and Top 10 Books 

Last week at the Teen Book Club held at Red Balloon Books in St. Paul, one of my students grabbed two ARCS of the third book, Catalyst.  One he hoarded for himself — his review is at Derpy Reviews, and the other he handed to my son Quinn.  My son is sometimes reader.  He’ll read if he’s into a book, but he doesn’t always have a book going.  He’ll tell you his favorite book ever is Ready Player One, (his review) and he most recently devoured Grasshopper Jungle.  He told me — “Now if more books were like this one, more kids would read!”  He was handed Catalyst on Friday evening.  He finished the book on Sunday morning.  He read all day on Saturday and declared it a great ending to the series.  

I think this is a must have series for a middle school classroom.  Catalyst will be released on October 28.  

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