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Spring Break Reading Selfies

Micayla M, 7th grade

Over the spring break, I read five books.  When I read, I like to be in a very quiet place.  For example, I prefer to read in my room, the family room, or the living room because those places are mostly quiet.  I enjoy reading in my room because I sometimes mouth the words or read out loud.  I think mouthing the words and reading out loud helps me remember what I read because I actually say the words.  Before I read, I make sure that nobody  will distract or bother me while I am reading, and I make sure that I have a warm blanket and pillow because then I feel cozy and will not want to put the book down.  Overall, my favorite place to read is in my bed right before I go to sleep because sometimes I even dream about the book in my sleep.


Of all of the books I read over break, I liked them all, except for one.  I did not like Because of Winn-Dixie because I felt that it was boring and mostly talked about the main character’s summer adventures.  I felt like it was on that topic for too many pages of the book.  I was actually surprised that I did not like the book.  It looked interesting, but it really lost my interest half way through the story.

Of the books that I liked, it is hard to decide which one is my favorite book.  In the book House of Danger, you can have different adventures every time you read it.  As you read the book, you have options on which adventure path to take by turning to different pages at certain places throughout the book.  This book was really interesting and caught my interest from the first chapter.

I absolutely loved Asylum, which was about horror, thriller and mystery.  This book was really suspenseful, and it was actually scary to read.  It was scary to read because of what the characters were finding throughout the asylum.  It was a really creepy story because it talked about past lives that happened in the asylum.

The next book, Tomorrow Girls, is actually two books.  The first book was titled Behind the Gates, and the second book was titled Run for Cover.  I liked Behind the Gates because it was in first person, and I like books when it is in first person or when it is based on one person.  I liked the mystery and all of the information the main character, Louisa, and her friends find out.  The book takes place in 2018, and there is a war going on in Chicago.  The story takes place when the kids are sent to a safe camp.  The futuristic setting and how the things today are old to them is also interesting to me.

I liked Run for Cover because it is more mysterious and occurs in a different place.  The story changes from the safe camp to the forest.  I really liked that the story continued in a different setting.  This book caught my interest within the first couple of chapters, and I just kept reading.  It was really a fun book to read.    pic2.jpg



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