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Book Selfies!


Claire, 8th Grade

While I was in Mexico on break I read two books. The first book I read was This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith.. This is What Happy Looks like is a really cute, fun, romance book. Of all of the books I have read by Jennifer E. Smith this book is my favorite. The book is about a superstar named Graham Larkin and a ordinary girl, Ellie O’Neill. One day Graham accidentally sent Ellie a email about his lost pig. These two teenages start emailing back and fourth. When Graham finds out where Ellie lives is the perfect place to shoot his movie, he and the crew hop on a plane and head up to Maine. Graham searches for Ellie all over and when they meet it’s like magic, but Ellie doesn’t want to be all over the media.

The second book I started was Great by Sara Benincasa. I am still not really sure what this book is about because I am currently reading it.  So far what I like in the book is Naomi Rye’s (the main character) attitude, she is funny and snarky. I haven’t read a mystery book in a while so I wanted to try it.

While on break some of my favorite places to read was on the beach in Mexico, on the porch by the ocean, and by the pool. I read a lot in Mexico because I just love that picture of reading on the beach. I read on the beach a lot because in some movies when the girl is reading on the beach a cute guy comes over and flirts with her. I also loved having my toes in the warm sand with the sound of the waves in the background. So that is what and where I read over break.



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