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Faith, 7th Grade


 I enjoy my reading time someplace quiet and peaceful where I know my brother won’t find me for a while.  My favorite time of the year to read is winter. I enjoy just being able to sit by the fireplace snuggled up in my blanket and read under the dim light of the lamp while it’s cold outside. The fire crackling is the only other noise besides music I can stand while reading, so I really enjoy it. In the spring or summer when the weather is nice, I enjoy reading at my cabin outside sitting on a beach towel and breathing in the scent of freshly cut grass.

 If I’m going to read a book there either has to be romance in it with a fast paced storyline or it has to be amazing! Two out of the three books I started gave a good understanding of the back story and never left out the slightest detail. The other book I started was called The Search for Wondla and it didn’t give me enough information. It also didn’t explain what was happening in the present or the past tense which was very confusing to me.  And the beginning dragged on and on to a point where it got boring!

 My favorite book that I read over break was Starters. I am in the middle of the second book Enders and so far I am loving both of them. They are both an action packed fast paced drama. I really enjoyed it even though the touch of romance is smaller than I hoped it would be!



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