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Mike K., 8th Grade

I like to read in a quiet place all the time I get distracted so easily when I read. Over break I went fishing on lake of the woods and I read in the car for a hour the way there and on the way back. When I came back I read for 30 minutes to 40 minutes a day and i did most of that reading in my room.

The book I read and finished over break was The Maze Runner. It was really good, what I really liked about it was that it was so suspenseful and the ending was awesome in my opinion. The book I did not like as much was Night, it was confusing and it really did not keep my interest.

My books I most enjoy reading are action, fiction, some non-fiction. My most favorite book that I have ever read was Monument 14. I loved it because it was action packed and kept my interest the whole time.  I also really like the story line.



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