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By Casey, 8th Grade

          I don’t care to read 24/7 but I am a fan of a good book.  The place you tend to find me reading is usually a dark corner filled with beanbags with one lonely light shining bright on either a funny comic or a thrilling paperback.  The feeling of a great storyline, funny and emotional characters make searching for a good read all the better. Unfortunately books don’t last forever, and even if the book ends happily I always feel sad when I end a fabulous book.

          Over this break I read Champion by Marie Lu, Blood Makes the Grass Grow Green by Johnny Rico, and some of the comic book series Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson.

          I enjoyed all the books thoroughly but my favorite one was Blood Makes the Grass Grow Green. The book is a memoir of the author’s deployment in Afghanistan telling how the military really works and how it was a crazy experience.

         I love comics, reading and watching my favorite characters outsmart and outwit their opponents. I will never outgrow reading funny comics.


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