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Heartprint book

By Ava I, 8th Grade

Out of My Mind

By Sharon M. Draper

(Heartprint books, first written about here, are books that “touch our lives and our heart, leaving us changed forever.”)


Eleven year old Melody has a photographic memory and can remember everything but she can’t forget anything. Her brain is like a video camera with no delete button. But Melody can’t walk.

She can’t write.

Or talk, which is a big problem with a photographic memory. So she is trying to just live life and pretend to be normal, but she isn’t.

She has spent probably the last 5  years in a tiny room with a big sun with a big grin painted on the wall and  little puppies and kitties with big grins too. But Melody is sick of it, sick of being treated different, sick of all the people looking at her weird. One day she gets out of that room, out of the tiny yellow smiley room, and finds her voice. But is everyone ready to hear her voice?


Why it is a heartprint book to me

This book is a heartprint to me because while I was reading it I notice that in real life a lot of people who are mentally disabled get treated differently, get looked at weird, and i bet  they are sick of all that too. So I realize that the theme of this book (I think) is to show/tell the reader to treat mentally disabled like people too. Not just some weird person in a wheelchair because some people in wheelchairs can do amazing things too. Like Stephen Hawking he has the same disabilities as Melody, and is the former Lucasian professor of mathimatics at the university of Cambrige, and he can’t talk, walk or write. That man is amazing!!!!! Also why this book is a heartprint book to me is because some kids have these disabilities and I feel bad that they cant do things that regular kids can do like play sports, go on trampolines, go ice skating, go outside and play, etc. So thats why this is a heart print book to me because they could be things that some other person couldn’t be, they could do amazing things like Stephen Hawking. That’s why I treat them like they are a person who can stand or a person who could write or talk. That’s why I treat them like they are regular people too, and if I have children that could happen to them and I will give them all the love in the world. Even if they were normal or not. That is why this is a heartprint book for me because i know that that could have happened to me.



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