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The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door

By: Andrea F., 8th Grade

The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door

by Karen Finneyfrock

The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door

“That’s the day the trouble started.

The trouble that nearly ruined my life.

The trouble that turned me Dark.

The trouble that begs me for revenge.”


Celia Door is an outcast going into her freshman year of high school without any friends, but many enemies.  Ever since two eighth grade, girls Sandy and Mandy have been onto her, trying to make her life miserable.  It has been Celia’s goal to get revenge back at them.  When she meets Drake, a boy visiting from New York, they become friends right away because of how different they are from the mainstream.  Celia is goth or “Dark” and she writes poems in a journal she keeps with her all the time.  Drake is gay.  Just when Celia has a great plan to get back at Sandy, she finds out that Sandy has a plan for her.  The entire school finds out about Drake’s secret  and it turns into a giant disaster.  So Celia and Drake set out on an adventure to New York to see Drake’s friend Japhy and figure things out.

I really liked this book a lot.  At first I thought it was kind of weird about a goth girl who hated everyone.  As I got farther into it though I really started to like it.  It showed what it is like to be in high school and not fit in.  I liked how it was very realistic and dealt with lots of problems that come up in your teenage life .  I also liked the character of Celia.  She was smart and creative and funny sometimes.  It gave me a sense of what it is like to be someone like Celia who acts differently than what they are really thinking. I liked being able to see what she was thinking and how it was a different viewpoint from anyone I ever met.

I would recommend this book to teenagers in eighth or ninth grade, mostly girls but some guys would like it too.  You should read it if you like reading about the struggles  of life in high school and what it is like to be considered different from the rest of the people.  You should also read this book if you like reading about people who hate each other and get revenge.



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