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Top 10 Books

By Nathan P., 8th grader

Out of all the books that I have read, there are 10 that I can name that have been the best. Not necessarily in increasing order.

1. Insignia

This book is one of my favorites because it involves the skill of gaming while fighting wars intergalactically with drones controlled by children who are abnormal in their gaming abilities and good with computers. I was really able to connect with this book because I am all about making programs and playing video games. I find it funny that the wars are fought on different planets because the concept of war is to eliminate based on aggression and different views.Though I can understand why the conflict is in space and it reminds me of how we didn’t want a world war III because it would be the end of the human race and the dictators in the book understand that concept and decided to get their aggression out on expensive drones. This book is easily one of my favorites


2. Tunnels

I think that this book is interesting in that it explores a completely possible secondary universe under our current universe. In this book, the main character wants to become an archeologist like his dad, but when his dad goes missing and he tries to uncover the mystery, he ends up finding this underground colony which is run by the evil styx. The styx are like police but they can do whatever they want and they control everything that goes on in the underground colony. The only other book that I have ever come across with an underground civilization is The City of Ember and this book elaborates more on the underground and has more factors in it that make it unique and thats what makes it so special.
3. The Lost Hero

This book is great for people who like greek mythology books, I really liked this book because it is a build on the percy jackson series and it brings in three new heroes coming to camp half blood. I like Rick Riordan’s style of writing in this book because he switches characters every two or three chapters and leaves lots of cliffhangers and it makes me want to read faster and finish the book. I think that it has influenced me to read more challenging books and read books recommended by my peers.


4. Michael Vey: Battle of the Ampere

This is the third book of the Michael Vey series and in my opinion, the best one in its series. The Michael Vey series is about high schoolers who were all born within 19 days of each other and when they were born, they got these electrical powers because of the machine that was used during their birth. Each one has a different use for their power which has its own advantages in their adventures. Michael Vey is the leader of the group of the electric children and they call themselves the electroclan, they are being hunted down by a terrorist group called the Elgen. The Elgen are the people that created the electric children and now they want to take them out for good so that they don’t interfere with its electricity production. All in all, one of the best books I have ever read.


5. Inheritance

This is a really good book if you are looking for a great fantasy read. It is the fourth book in its series and probably the best. The Inheritance series is about this dragon rider named Eragon and his life as he finds his powers and becomes this powerful dragon rider and how he comes to defeat the evil Galbatorix, a fallen dragon rider who is serving as current the ruler of alagaesia. Galbatorix will stop at nothing to destroy Eragon and defeat the army that has brought up as followers. This book is great, I would recommend this book to anyone with a knack for fantasy adventure and magic books.


6. Merlins Dragon

This is another one of the many fantasy books that I have read. It’s about how this creature figures out his true self and becomes Merlin’s dragon. It starts out when this creature is still in his egg and it describes the life before the life, what happened to the egg before it even hatched, this is an element I have not seen in a story before. This book takes you through the adventures of Basil and how he came to be with Merlin as he overcomes many challenges with his small state. It takes you through the eyes of a small creature and what it has to do in order to survive in the real world. On one of his near death experiences, he figures out that he has the power to change his scent and disguise himself as something else. The first smell he emitted was the smell of basil leaves and thats how he got his name. I always love a good fantasy book and this one is amazing.
7. The Red Pyramid

This is one of my top ten books because it is a series that is not only mythology, but Egyptian mythology. It’s kind of interesting to learn about what the myths and legends that the Egyptians had and the gods that they worship. All in all, a great book that I would recommend to all young readers.


8. Enders Game

Ender’s Game is one of my top ten books because it is about how aliens attacked Earth and we are trying to find a way to surprize them with a last stand with the unique mind of Ender. I like how it starts out with Ender first going up into space as an elementary schooler and slowly but surely maturing and getting an understanding of what is happening and growing into a hero of the book. This book is a great read and it is one of my favorites.
9. The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner (Maze Runner, #1)

You may think this book to be an obvious top ten, and you would be right by doing so. If I were to rate this book it would definitely be a 9-10, the series provides a setting of a post- apocalyptic world and in the whole first book you don’t even know what’s happening outside the maze. Once again, an awesome read, lots of tension and it makes you not want to stop reading.

10. Small Steps

Small Steps (Holes, #2)

This book is the sequel to Holes, a book about the odd predicament of Stanley Yelnats. But Small Steps is about Theodore Johnson, a person that Stanley met at camp green lake, it is about when he was released and is trying to go back to his old life. I loved this book, it has Theodore taking this girl who has cerebral palsy to a concert that he got tickets for and how he protects her.


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