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Book Review by Brian, 8th Grade


‘’Murderer’’! Tom cried, fake collapsing onto the ground. Insignia probably started better then ended but I can’t argue, this book was one of the best books I’ve read this year. It contains this action, thats different from other books, I mean it starts off at a casino, a poor kid that lives off of betting. Then, after playing a simulation and advancing to great levels, but does little does he know, a general, in the army has seen his skills….

I first got hooked into this book when it took place in a casino. I mean, a kid my age traveling from casino to casino, betting and playing simulators (futuristic gaming). Then, his skills from gaming caught attention. Months before entering his last casino, General Marsh  recruits Tom, and then, they install a neural processor. Its basically a computer in his brain now, and they are one of the smartest people on earth, and guess what? Only teens and kids can get these installed because if an adult gets it, they will go crazy. (When there is war, each side fights in a sim) He gets recruited on the Indo-American side. They are currently in a war with the Russo-Chinese. Well back to the summary, after some basic training, Tom finds himself in war with medusa. She is the strongest and best warrior on the Russo-China. Even after training and being one of the best soldiers, things start to fall back. Tom begins to lose everything, including the war….

I thought this book jumps around a lot, but otherwise, its plot is unique. It takes place in the future with new ideas. The author obviously did a great job coming up with these, here are some ideas: Neural processor, war on another planet, simulators and much more. I recommend this book for boys and girls ages 12 and up. Not that this is inappropriate or anything but its just the level.

446 pages, action.


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