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Meant to Be

By Lauren Morill

Review by Samantha B., 7th grade

A week in London with her class over spring break. What could go wrong? Julia is a straight-A student, rule-follower, always-prepared-to-the-max kind of girl. When she finally gets to England after a terrible flight she gets stuck with the worst partner she could ever get stuck with: Jason the class jokester and flirt. The first night in London she goes to party with the troublemaker and exchanges numbers with a ton of guys, never expecting them to call her anyway, and during the process gets a bit tipsy. The next day she can barely even remember the night and when a mysterious text appears on her phone she can’t remember which guy was texting her. Then as if by miracle Jason becomes of use by helping her flirt with the stranger and in return she only has to brake a few rules. When she goes on this wild goose chase to find this guy she doesn’t even know will she fall for him or the person she least expects to?

This was an adventurous romance story that I would recommend to people 12 and up for slightly crude humor and underage drinking. The theme was that the people you may least expect are the people that may become one of the most important people in our lives and what made the book a teensy bit better was that the book was written in first person and you could read her feeling and relate to them instead of a book that was written in third person where its just narrated so you can’t hear their thoughts and or reasons for their actions. I thought that was a playful and cute book, that was constantly making me giggle, but the writing could have been more descriptive and given more background on the characters. But all in all it was an overall good book and was very relatable


Read if you like…

*Teen romance stories

*Classic realistic fiction romance/adventures

*If you like books that are cute and make you giggle



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