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Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures By: Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
Published by: Penguin Books
Published on: January 3rd 2012
Movie directed by: Richard LaGravenese

Reviewed by: Claire S., 7th Grade

“I have never loved you any more than I do, right this second, and  I will never love you any less than I do, this second.”

Beautiful Creatures is a thrilling supernatural love story between a depressed witch named Lena Duchannes and  a southern boy, Ethan Wate.They are both stuck in a small town called Gatlin. Ethan Wate has never been an outsider, he dates the right girls, hangs out with the right people, and plays on the right team. Until one day, the first day of school,  he sees a new girl; Lena. She is different from the others, which Ethan likes. After his terrible relationship with Emily Asher he noticed he needs something different. Well, Lena is way different. One day in one of Gatlinś famous storms he drives her home. On the way there, Lena shows her cunning humor and lovely personality. That is when Ethan fell head over heels for her. As they become more than friends, more secrets pour out. Like her being a caster, and her psycho siren cousin and her powers. Also an evil curse set by her murderess mother, Sarafine. And  her dream sucking uncle and  his caster dog Boo Radley. Boo isn’t your average dog he was made by Lena’s uncle to spy on her and Ethan. She will either go light or dark, if she goes light all the dark casters in her family would die and same if she goes dark all the light casters would die.Lena, Ethan, an Ethans best friend Link work together to figure out the curse, while Link’s crazy, Christian, overprotective mother wants the “Duchannes girl” out of school and the town.

I personally adored this book, it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I love romance novels and when I heard about this book it was a done deal. Beautiful Creatures is from Ethan’s point of view which was a little bit different to me because I usually read books from a girls point of view but I surprisingly loved it. It was funny, smooth, and never slowed down. I would recommend this book to 13 year old boys and girls because of the rude humor. One of the themes I noticed while reading this book was to be you, don’t act like a different person and not to listen to other people’s mean opinions. I do not recommend seeing the movie, I saw it and was greatly disappointed in it. It will make you realize that books are better than the movie. I also recommend reading the whole series of the Caster Chronicles.

– Love supernatural love stories
– boy point of view
– hilarious over protective mothers


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  1. Thanks for your review. I like the idea that you noticed and appreciated that it was written from a boy’s point of view. I think it is always interesting (and important) to see things from a different perspective. I also noticed that you recognize that this book is better than the movie. That is almost always the case for me.


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