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WHITE : The Great Pursuit

Pages: 370
Age Range: 15+ (Highschool+)
Addictive Rating : 11.3

Reviewed by Quinn S., 8th grade

“The battle over flesh and blood cannot compare to the battle for the heart.”

In the third book of Dekker’s Circle Trilogy, Thomas remains locked in two worlds, desperate to save both. The one he calls earth is nearly lost, with the Raison Strain (International Epidemic) having broken out and suddenly infected everyone, he stops at nothing to stop the terrorists and rescue another scientist on his side, Monique De Raison. Yet in what I call “Elyon’s World,”  he and his religious followers, The Circle, try to survive as all hope seems lost. Yet as Thomas shares knowledge of Elyon’s World on Earth, his close group of friends are eager to see what this world is. They figure out that in Elyon’s World, there are people who they represent. But it isn’t just his friends. His enemies know what goes on in Elyon’s World too. Thomas faces enemies from all sides, staggering new challenges, and seeking the love from an unlikely woman.

Thomas holds the fate of billions on Earth, and nothing can prepare him for the feats he will attempt to overcome. Will he survive? What is to come of The Circle? Who is the woman? Is Quinn asking too many questions? Find out in BLACK: The Great Pursuit.

This was by far my favorite in the series. It had the best plot, was very addictive, and definitely had the most depth. Now I know what you’re thinking, “But the other books were so great, there’s no way this one could be better!” Well, it was. It was marvelous. Although yet again, as the story gains more depth and the characters become more relatable, the cliffhangers become more cliffhanger-y. Yes, Dekker leaves you with something, and gives you some time to contemplate about it. Too much time, some might say. Some being me. Then again, this is a good way to force me to keep reading instead of wasting time on the internet. Dekker delivered exactly what I love in an epic ending. A sense of confusion. If you’ve ever read The Giver by Lois Lowry, you know that the ending doesn’t explain anything, and lets you imagine how you would want it to end. (Apologies for spoilers to anyone who hasn’t read The Giver. In which case, if you haven’t, you are wasting your time reading this mediocre book review.) Anyway, this book had all the right ingredients.

The paragraph below contains tiny spoilers. If you want to read the book at maximum enjoyment, scroll down a little further. If you’re anything like me, you’ll read them anyways.

Yet, just like the last books, there is a plethora (yes, a plethora) of biblical allegories. Red was the story of Jesus Christ, with his crucifixion and all, and White is more about his apostles. I was immediately able to make the connection, and thought it was great. I love how Dekker, throughout the whole series, sticks to this theme*. This book also has a sort of “Romeo and Juliet” feeling. Now I know what you guys are thinking. “Blechhh.” I was the same way for some of these parts. But it wasn’t like all the boring mushy-gushy stuff. It was more interesting. Enough of that, I promised tiny spoilers. The end of the book, like I said earlier, rocked. It let’s you imagine how the book ended, and it didn’t just give it to you. I love it when authors do this. Now, it may annoy many people at times, but I think it’s great.

Alright, back to spoiler-free stuff.

I would recommend this book (series, more-like) to anyone that likes near-apocalyptic scenarios, biblical allegories, and anyone up for a book you can read for hours and not get bored. It has the science-fiction/ fantasy twist, but I feel like the substance of this series cannot be put into simply one or two categories. This book was fantastic, and being a person who really doesn’t read in my free time, I can promise that this series will suck you in, whether you enjoy reading or not. Just give it a try, you’ll be glad you did.

*Dekker writes biblical allegories in several of his books (86 registered on GoodReads), so if you like the symbolism, you’ve struck gold with the author.


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  1. I love series – thanks for introducing me to a new one.


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