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By Jessica Khoury

Book Review By Andrea F., 7th grade

She has always known her destiny. Ever since Pia was born, she was meant to start a whole new race of humans who will bring an end to death. A whole line of immortals. That is the only reason that she was born and genetically engineered to live forever. She has been raised deep in the dark jungle of the Amazon Rainforest in Little Cam, a secret laboratory, by scientists. Pia always has had a longing to start this race of immortals and meet all her expectations and dreams. But on her seventeenth birthday, she finds a hole in the electrified fence and sneaks out into the dark night of the forbidden jungle.
Throughout the story Pia meets a boy named Eio who she soon falls in love with. As she uncovers the secrets and mysteries of the jungle by her frequent visits, she also starts to uncover the history of Little Cam. Pia is discovering new things every day and has mixed emotions. Sometimes she feels that she just wants to leave Little Cam forever and run wild and free in the jungle with Eio but other times she is dedicated to her scientific research and her immortal mission. But as she discovers more secrets of her scientific history, Pia starts to wonder which is the right choice and why she is the only one who is never allowed in on all the information.
I really liked this book. It was probably one of my favorites! I loved how there would be some suspense when Pia was about to get in trouble or get caught but she always found a tricky way out of things. It was a very good sci- fi book and I loved how it took place in the Amazon Rainforest. I thought that was very unique. Origin was a very exciting page turner and I really liked it because the book started off interesting and made me want to stick with it.
I loved the character of Pia. She is very smart although she is unaware of what was going on in the outside world, she finds ways to figure things out on her own. She is very adventurous. I really liked how she kind of had two sides to her. A focused determined scientist and a wild free teenage girl. She really had quite an interesting character. I really loved this book and I absolutely recommend it!

Read Origin if

  • if you are a 12- 16 year old girl, some guys would like it too.
  • if you like love stories mixed into thriller sci- fi.
  • if you like suspense and creepy scientific genetic engineering.
  • if you like to read about a setting in the rainforest and maybe learn some new and interesting facts about it.
  • if you like a book with a heroine.

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  1. The cover is absolutely amazing. It is so interesting. I know, don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but I have to admit, I usually do judge the book by it’s cover. Your review sounded so professional. “But as she discovers more secrets of her scientific history, Pia starts to wonder which is the right choice and why she is the only one who is never allowed in on all the information”. I loved this part! I will DEFINITELY check this book out!

  2. i think this is a great book just by reading the book review and i agree with dallas you just cant judge a book by looking at the cover of a book… i wilkl defintly read this book.


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