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Tribulation Force

Ages: 16 and up
Coulter G., 8th gr
Genre: Christian Fiction
Warning: Contains Spoilers

I read the book Tribulation Force, as the second book in the series of Left Behind. The book takes place during the Revelation part of the Bible. Rayford Steele and Cameron Williams have found their way to church, found a pastor, and now are Christians. Cameron likes Chloe, Rayford’s daughter, and the two of them drive each other more into being Christians. When I started this book I knew that I would be able to read through it.

Rayford went from a worry free life to a life where he had to teach from the Bible, learn new things from the Bible, and understand what the Bible says about life and the end of the world. The group of Cameron, Chloe, and Rayford start going to church together and become friends with the pastor, Bruce Barnes. The man teaches them about the Bible and states that they have to make a Tribulation Force (Book name gives away) and go around the world teaching about the word of Christ.


Thats about the time when the Antichrist, Nicolae Carpathia, is showing interest in Cameron and Rayford. Cameron and Rayford get hired to work for Nicolae. Bruce discusses the issue with the two and they decide to accept the jobs. The group now has intel on the inside of the enemy (AntiChrist’s) base. Rayford working as a pilot for Nicolae and Cameron working as a writer for the global news. This was the perfect plan for the Tribulation Force.


This book is another in the Left Behind series and is another one of my favorite books. I am looking forward to reading the next books in the series. I would also like the reccomend this book to ages of 16 and up because it has some conversations that I wouldn’t reccomend to anybody who is either scared too easily or is uncomfortable while reading ‘adult things’. It doesn’t have too much about it but in the book there is about a chapter talking about it. If you do not want to ruin the book yourself… DON’T READ REVELATION IN THE BIBLE. I read some of it and it almost ruined the entire series for me. It sounds bad but you can wait to read it after (scary).



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  1. Great Review – don’t you think having background knowledge about Revelations would help further understand it? Or would that spoil the whole book?

  2. Wow! I have seen the movie “Left Behind” and Revelation is my favorite book in the Bible!!! So many books to choose from!!! This just adds another! Great review! I hope I can read this book. It will be at the top of my list!


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