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Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend

Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend

Review by:  Sarah P., 8th Grade

Author: Matthew Dicks

Published by: St. Martin’s Press

Genre: Fantasy

Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Many, many people have had one, including me. What if imaginary friends are not so imaginary? What if they really are real?

Budo is Max Delany’s best friend. He goes with Max everywhere, cheers him up when he’s sad, helps him make decisions, plays with him, helps him with the school bully and many, many more things. Budo helps Max in anyway he can. The main settings are Max’s home, school, and the local gas station. There is only one difference between Budo and other normal best friends, Budo is what grown up’s call an imaginary friend. Max is the only one that can see and hear Budo, since he is the one who imagined him 5 years ago. But because Max imagined him, as soon as he stops believing in him POOF! Budo disappears forever. Since Budo cannot touch anything in the real world, when Max is in trouble Budo feels like he can not do anything, but he does not give up. With a little bit of help from a team of imaginary friends, he finds he can find a way to help Max, but Budo must ultimately decide which is more important: Max’s happiness, or his own existence.

I have to say that I have never read a book like “Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend” in my entire life. I could absolutely not put it down the entire time I was reading it. The author made Budo sound like a real person, or should I say a real imaginary friend. This book reminded me that bravery can come from the most unlikely person, and how hard it is to make the right choice. I never wanted the book to end. The ending was the best that I have ever read. It allows the reader to imagine the place that they believe Budo ends up. I loved this book!

I would recommend this book to people that are in sixth grade or above. I think this because maybe some of the children that are below sixth grade might still believe in imaginary friends, and I would hate to scare them to think that their imaginary friend might disappear. This is an amazing book and when you are at the library next, don’t forget to pick this book up!


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  1. This book sounds so fun. I love when I discover a book that you cannot put down. Thanks for sharing this title!

  2. I love your book review. I also love your hock.

  3. Good job! I might read this book now!

  4. Great description of Budos journey. I have read this book and definitely would not have been able to describe it this well. Awesome job!

  5. Now I really want to read this.Your review it that good.


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