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Amelia’s 7th Grade Notebook

Reviewed by Genna S.


Amelia is now in the 7th grade and doesn’t know what to do. The first all 7th grade dance is coming up and she’s very nervous and having her older sister Cleo always on her back bringing her down doesn’t help at all. She’s lost all confidence in her looks and she doesn’t even know whether her friends are her friends anymore. Will Amelia go to the dance? Will Amelia and her sister stop fighting? And will Amelia realize how many friends she really has? In this quirky, funny, and heartfelt book you will be able to answer all these questions and realize being a 7th grader is harder than it looks.

Recommendations- I would recommend this book to whoever reads books like…
. Any of the previous Amelia’s Notebook books
. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
. My Sister’s a Vampire


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  1. This sounds like a great book! Seventh grade can be tough but it is also really fun. I like that you put questions that will be answered, giving a little information, but making me want to read the book instead of giving me the whole story. I am wondering if all the Amelia books are about her in seventh grade?

  2. It is true being a 7th grader is hard but when you have friends like Genna you can get through it together because Genna is a really good friend

  3. Sounds like a very relatable book. I think i’ll have to add it to my reading list.

  4. I think I have heard of this book before. I love how your book review is short and simple, yet still interesting.


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